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A letter to students in China,

Remember once, when you were a young child, your parents may barely have asked you about your ideas because they were busying working. Your parents may not have had lots of time to spend with you because they needed to work. Due to different causes of the new emerging Chinese society, you may have felt a lack of attention from parents. Where once we may not have had many choices; our parents are now still working, to death, to provide us a better and wonderful future. They gave us the chance to study for a better life that they did not have when they were children.
Life sometimes may seem unfair, but the truth is the more hardworking we are, the greater the harvest will be. It is a curriculum of life; people always work hard towards a higher and better life. No matter whether you did or did not enter into a good college or university, you will one day be the parents of your own child.
We are now at a changing point of Chinese life; we may get married to form a new family. Remember once we were a small child, we once felt lost and remember; we always wanted to have those fancy toys other kids had that we did not. Essentially we all have something that others are envious of, especially if you have family members around by you, treasuring the life you have now and putting values towards making life better and different. Start to notice and create your scenery of a future life: your existence could be more wonderful and more joyful once you have found a way to be grateful for your current life.

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This entry was posted on May 31, 2013 by in Now.
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