Art. Right Now


John Demos
‘Calling All Robots’, 2010
Image Courtesy of Project Insideout

I looked at Mel Bochner the other day and thought . . .
‘Jeezzzz that looks like a Demos.’
The same portraits of mixed understanding;
complex and absurd words repeating, layered,
pursuing one another.

I said to myself . . .
‘Oh John, you Saussureian God!’
Meanings of life styles, reviving robots and deans . . .
Shape-shifting random tests, the smell of intoxicated breaths
sealed in red-black pencil-text-ah!

Squashed and stretched-in meaning in circular shape,
as time and essence are constantly retraced;
it’s a highlighted reason mapping a call,
using thoughtful letters that thicken to small . . .
A circled in meaning, captured in writing.

Calling All Robots stop-revive-survive,
reflecting on styles of life contrived within a quantum state
between A and be . . .
What does it matter if like Alice in Wonderland one flips and flops?
Erasing and resetting meaning on top, as long as it’s ambiguity.

On highways and byways of endless thought
where thought’s vehicle returns from a breath-tested racing;
I was on a similar wave length to Mel this night . . .
Wanting to create a Bochnerian bent wrap to a friend,
poetry in round (Nixon: 2006).

Mel Bochner Image

Mel Bochner
‘Wrap: Portrait of Eva Hesse’, 2001
Image Courtesy of

Nixon, Migon. Ed by M. Catherine De Zegher. ‘Eva Hesse Drawing’, pg. 56, Yale University Press, 2006

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